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CSS Text 

Notes from "CSS Text" Eric A. Meyer
14/09/2013 Categories: CSS
Indenting element text-indentValues:<length> | <percentage> | inherit you can indent the first line of any block-level element by a given length —but mostly is used to intend the first line of paragraph (you can use px, em or % - % refers to the parent element or even give length negative value) text-indent is inherited !important in case of using % - computed values and not declared values are inherited   text-alignCSS 2.1... read more

CSS Fonts 

Notes from "CSS.Fonts" Eric A.Meyer
07/09/2013 Categories: CSS Web Design
Probably not everybody knows that Times is not a font it's a font family - a combination of many variants called font faces (TimesRegular, TimesBold, TimesItalic, TimesBoldItalic,etc)   Generic Font FamiliesSerif fontsThese fonts are proportional (all characters in the font have different widths due to their various sizes) and have serifs - decorations. Sans-serif fontsThese fonts are proportional and do not have serifs. Monospace fontsAre not ... read more

Best Free Fonts 

Get your special font for free
04/05/2013 Categories: CSS Web Design
If you need a high quality, licence free font, you have to visit Font Squirrel site. They have a wide range of fonts that you can download for a private as well as for a commercial use. By clicking "recent", "popular" or "favorites" you can go the easy way and check which fonts are believed to be cool right now. Or you can choose the hard way and check all the fonts gathered on Font Squirrel finding the one you need.   read more

Mobility and Responsive Design with CSS and LESS 

12/11/2012 Categories: CSS
JOHN PAPA - Balsamiq - to draw mock-ups for gui - put controls, drag pre prepared text, tables, linux, mac, windows, useful for mobile applications style lessWeb Essentials 2012 extension great for CSS and less can see what is supported by which browserless makes your CSS more dynamicyou can download less you can use variables, mixings, nested rules,... read more

CSS positioning basics - notes 

29/08/2012 Categories: CSS
I FLOW = order of elements placed in your html/visible on your screen II DISPLAY = ways of displaying element: 1. Block: -has specified dimensions (w&h) (might be controlled by its content but !dimensions specified by CSS are more important) -doesn't allow el. on the same line (even if el.1 has small width, el.2 will be displayed underneath) 2. Inline: -takes dimensions (w&h) from its content and !ignore all dimensions specified in... read more


21/08/2012 Categories: CSS
elementexplanationdisplay div   block dd definition list definitions block dl definition list block form input form block h1-h6   block li list items block ol ordered list block p paragraph block pre block with preformated code block table   block ul unordered list block block... read more

css selectors and rules - summary 

14/08/2012 Categories: CSS
So now for a change I am struggling with CSS... Not easy... It looks like in case of CSS its all about Selectors and Rules, so I decided to post here a little cram session that me and my "good but short" memory are using... constantly... enjoy...  Selectors: 1.Tag selector called also Element selector (no . infront): body {} - Select the body element.div {} - Select all div elements.h1 {} - Select all h1 elements.div h2 {} - Select all h2... read more