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Binary translator 

Encodes and decodes (BINARY, HEX, BASE64 and ASCII DEC / CHAR)
If you are a real computer geek try an online Translator which encodes and decodes ASCII and ANSI text by clicking here. Type some text and check how is it gonna look like in BINARY, HEX, BASE64 and ASCII DEC / CHAR. The sites is provided for education and fun and you will probably like it. read more
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Binary Conversion Table 

0 00000000 1 00000001 2 00000010 3 00000011 4 00000100 5 00000101 6 00000110 7 00000111 8 00001000 9 00001001 10 00001010 11 00001011 12 00001100 13 00001101 14 00001110 15 00001111 16 00010000 17 00010001 18 00010010 19 00010011 20 00010100 100 01100100 read more
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How to generate a favicon 

Easy tool to generate favicon for your site
An easy way to get a favicon that matches your site, is to generate favicon from your logo or other element you used in your website design. You can do this using a tool called a favicon generator. The one I use, comes from Dynalic Drive and you can find it here. It's a very simple online tool that: supports gif, jpg, png, and bmp file formats enables you to use a gif or png with transparency max file size is 150.00 kB enables you to... read more
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Free favicons 

Draw your favicon for free or download favicon you like directly from the site
Favicon is a small image that you can see in a browser tab and in the bookmark menu. If you design favicon so that it matches the rest of your site, it will help you to brand and promote the site. It will also make your site stand out in bookmarks manager. To find a favicon you like or to draw your own you can use site like Browsing through favicons by cathegories makes your quest easier. read more
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Best Free Fonts 

Get your special font for free
If you need a high quality, licence free font, you have to visit Font Squirrel site. They have a wide range of fonts that you can download for a private as well as for a commercial use. By clicking "recent", "popular" or "favorites" you can go the easy way and check which fonts are believed to be cool right now. Or you can choose the hard way and check all the fonts gathered on Font Squirrel finding the one you need.   read more
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50 tools to make your website responsive 

Net.magazine review

Last year Netmagazine made a nice overview of some popular tools to make any site responsive. Maybe you can find something for yourself? Highly recomended for anybody interested in responsive design. Read whole article 

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Email Testing 

Make sure your email looks the way you intend it
Do you want to know how your email look like in different email clients? It is a smart move to check how (for example) your newsletter will be displayed on different devices using different email clients. To avoid any problems with design, preview your email with one of the tools available on the internet.   I use and recomend Litmus that claims to answer an important question - "Does your email look beautiful everywhere? ". It is simple to... read more
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Email template design 

Create an email template for your campaign

You need to create an email template but you are not sure how?

Use a special online program that will make sure that your email is designed correctly. Template builder is an effective FREE tool you can find here. It is simple to use and easy to customise. Enjoy!  

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Responsive design testing 

Is your site responsive?
Every modern website should be responsive. It should work properly and look good on all sorts of devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, ...) no mater what the resolution is. To check how does your site behave and how does it look on different devices, use The Responsinator. It will emulate most popular devices so that you can get an idea how well your site works. However, you need to remember that the final testing should always be done on the real... read more
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Color Scheme Designer 

Design your website today!
COLOR SCHEME DESIGNER 3 is a very useful tool for any web designer and those who have an artistic soul. It allows you to choose between: monocomplementtriadtetradanalogicaccented analogic It allows you to adjust the scheme and see the detailed color list divided into primary and secondary colors). You can check a preview of your color design displayed as an website (in both light and dark version).     Existing more than 10 years... read more
30/03/2013 Categories: Tools Web Design
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