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Bootstrap and JavaSript 

Notes from "Introduction to Bootstrap" Scott Alan
To have your button toggle on and off like checkboxes - nice turn on/off effect add to your button "buttons-checkbox" or button-radio (only one button can be selcted at the time) <div id="btngroup" class="btn-group" data-toggle="buttons-checkbox"></div> Important! The button state is not set until after you click event fires data-...-text ( bootstrap will insert/replace this text on the existing text on the... read more
23/03/2013 Categories: Bootstrap JavaScript

Testing for Internet Explorer 

Check how does your site look like in IE

A new handy tool that will help you to test and support not only modern Internet Explorer but also its older versions. Check it out by clicking on modern.IE

17/03/2013 Categories: Tools

Bootstrap components 

Navigation, buttons, breadcrumbs, hero unit, labels, badges, alerts, media component
Introduction to Bootstrap Scott Alan   Drop Down MenuHas to respond to click events so you need to add all the necessary js<div class="dropdown"><a class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">click</a><ul class="dropdown-menu"><li><a href="#">A</a></li><li><a href="#">B</b></li></ul></div> to hint to a user that there is a dropdown menu behind the... read more
09/03/2013 Categories: Bootstrap

Bootstrap introduction 

Concept, Grid, Tables, Forms, Images and Icons
Introduction to Bootstrap Scott Alan You can download Bootstrap at when downloaded contains css folder (4 css files), image folder and js folder remember the style shits expect the image folder to be on the same level as css folder so if you wanna move css folder move the img folder as well   Main Concepts semantic class names (i.e. warning, info, sidebar) compositional classes  convention Fixed... read more
02/03/2013 Categories: Bootstrap

JavaScript Fundamentals Comments and Variables 

Notes from Liam McLennan course
(course focused on JS programming language rather than scripting the pages and AJAX) Java Sript:-scripting language-the language of the browser-dynamic-object-oriented and functional features-Java syntax-Scheme and self semantics-small and simple-javaScript is everywhere - the most used language-increasing usage on a server site ja demo google browser best JS performancedefine your JS just before the body closing... read more
23/02/2013 Categories: JavaScript

MojoPortal menu & Bootstrap 

Mojoportal: styling SiteMenu- make changes in the file- use treeview- in order to have only parent site element in your menu change to MaxDataBindDepth="0"- remember that default settings (MaxDataBindDepth="-1") shows one child page element - TreeViewExpandDepth="-1" (portal tag in layoutmaster) allows to see dropdown menu in all menu elements which have children - if you use bootstrap - no need for media queries, since now you can... read more
17/02/2013 Categories: Bootstrap mojoPortal

JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging 

And another useful tool - this time for writing JavaScript. JS Bin is a site with simple application to prototype JS code. Small, handy, well working and with clean, simple design. Apart from JavaScript displayed in one part of the screen and output displayed in other part of the screen sites enables also such options as: HTML, CSS and Console. I like it a lot and I use it often. Check it out and maybe you will also find it... read more
10/02/2013 Categories: JavaScript Tools


In order to check your site in terms of html5 you will need one of many tools that presents the structure of HTML5 documents. The one I use is a simple-but-handy online tool you can find under this link:

02/02/2013 Categories: HTML Tools


"Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry." You can place it on your site as a  temporary replacement of a real article or any other type of text you want to use. Even though there are many variations of Lorem Ipsum passages, the one presented here is the most common one. To use it just copy and paste the text you find below.    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin quis felis sed... read more
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Include viral marketing techniques Virtual postcards a good way to get people to send more people to your web site Word of mouth, such as “Tell a friend,” “Send this coupon to a friend,” or “Recommend this to a friend” “Tell a Friend” button; under articles or press releases: “E-mail this article to a friend” button Pass it on, when we receive an e-book, cool tool, or funny video, and then forward it to friends  Product or service based,... read more
19/01/2013 Categories: Users
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