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elementexplanationdisplay div   block dd definition list definitions block dl definition list block form input form block h1-h6   block li list items block ol ordered list block p paragraph block pre block with preformated code block table   block ul unordered list block block... read more
21/08/2012 Categories: CSS

css selectors and rules - summary 

So now for a change I am struggling with CSS... Not easy... It looks like in case of CSS its all about Selectors and Rules, so I decided to post here a little cram session that me and my "good but short" memory are using... constantly... enjoy...  Selectors: 1.Tag selector called also Element selector (no . infront): body {} - Select the body element.div {} - Select all div elements.h1 {} - Select all h1 elements.div h2 {} - Select all h2... read more
14/08/2012 Categories: CSS

users "neverending fun - part2" 

Again. Beautiful morning, sun is shining, birds are singing, me with a cup of hot, aromatic coffee starting up my machine with a nonchalant move of my half-sleeping hand while removing last residues of sleep from my eyes. I am sitting in front of my "Slow Berta" thinking with what kind of challenges fate (and users) will hit me over my head today. Aha, here it is. First message: "I did not receive link". Hmm... you did not receive link?... read more
07/08/2012 Categories: Users

users - the problem is between chair and computer... 

The most problems till now are surprisingly coming not from the complicated technology and lack of know-how but... from beloved users. I heard again and again from comp-people "you know, most often the problem is between the chair and the computer..." and now I see how true it is. How many times I already receive contact form information like "I didn't get confirmation email-what now?". Oh my, sounds serious, so I run to the computer, start this ... read more
07/08/2012 Categories: Users
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