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24/11/2012 Categories: Social Media
Social Media: Amber Mac

1990 "Internet for the masses"
2002 Friendster - the first social network
2004 Facebook
2006 Twitter

Big Players:

  • Pinterest
  • Linked in
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Foursquare - (shows where you are, suggests where you can visit, and if you are the first one in a place you can become a Mair)
  • Tumbler (>15 mln users) enables small blog entries with photos or videos


  • friending
  • following
  • twitting
  • retwitting (sharing)
  • pinning

Use Klout! Klout (or klout score) is a popular tool to measure somebodies influence in the world


  • authenticity - you wanna be real and "human" as much as possible
  • bravery - to stand out form the crowds (i.e. creating app which are succesfull for others) (BlendTech)
  • consistency - going back there regularly (OldSpice)

Return of investment is not everything, remember about and return of engagement - how your audience bound with you

Digital reputation of your social space:

- pay attention what people are talking about your brand

- you are responsible for your actions

- tell your audience stories about creating your brand:

"Brand telling uses a series of brand stories to make your brand relevant to your target market or audience. These can be stories about the company, its products and innovations or its people." - Arthur Germain

- discover your story, re-write your story, tell your story!

- humor sells well on the web

Top Tools:


an average FB user has around 170 friends!

focus on filling the blank box - content matters

increase distribution with photos and videos (50% in sherability) - include photos and videos to as many posts as possible

get insights - measure and market - geographical and age information on your community


identify influencer - people who have significant number of audience

share content

build lists to listen

make a human tweet - show people behind your company (little thumb pictures with all people of BlackBerry support who are twitting and signed with P.N.)

leverage mobile - have really great app

customize background - branding in your background

use hashtags - specific to what you put out there more easy to find you

using twitter as a customer support


video content is very powerful

60 sec or less - most popular movies

customize your channel

commit to a schedule

brand your videos

measure traffic

use playlists

use tags keywords which make it more easy to find your content

try tips for your followers


Complete your profile

Respond to adds

Create SEO-friendly summary

Use apps Linked CardMunch for androids - (if you take a photo of a card the app will sinc all the info and find this person in LinkedIn)

Add a profile video - Use SlideShare app


Create your photo story

Leverage themes

Use hash tags

Add pin-it button

Build community Re-pin


Lounched in 2011

Build community (for better SEO ranking)

Post daily (use photos/video)

Complete your tag line and add links

Enjoy the conversation - multiple broadcast (unlike FB)

Digital Plan to be consistant in a social spaces

1. Create privacy policy:

set guidelines for interactions

internal vs. external guidelines

manage (not control) the conversation - a free tool to generate a policy


2. Choose your tools:

choose 3-4 tools

create calendar (6 months)

determine metrics of success - don't forget about quality, not only quantity

share your plan

pivot when necessary (social media are changing very fast)


3. Creating content:

remember the story

include a call-to-action (visiting your specific http, let them use coupons)

nature your community get to know your people

study your stats

watch your competition


Follow Top Trends: Measuring Success
Gamification - turning things into little games (check


Smart Technology

Facial Recognition:

Scenetap app for iphone and android - "you can check who is in the bar" - how many people, proportion of number of men to women, average age of guests etc.

Location Based Services:

Foursquare checks who is around - women should be careful with giving this information (2011 - 70% men users) - people can give tips about locations

MOBILE, more and more tools to access the web on a go (people want little of content to have a preview kind of experience)