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mojoPortal does not show my content 

In 90% of cases when mojoPortal does not display the content of the module (empty when F12), it means that the html of the component contains an error. MojoPortal prefers not to show anything at all than to dispaly it wrong.

27/06/2014 Categories: mojoPortal

First website ever 

Did you know that the first website that was ever put in the internet still exists and is accessible? The site was created in CERN (yes, the same place responsible for the Large Hadron Collider or LHC) and after many years of being unaccessible it was succesfully restored last year and is now available here.  P.S. 4 years after "inventing" the internet, it was used by 50mln people - to get the same number of users it took phone 75 years, and... read more
21/06/2014 Categories: HTML

Are you a computer junky 

Woman using computer while sitting on the toilet

06/10/2013 Categories: Funny

JavaScript cheat sheet 

From JavaScript for Dummies
var myVar = 0;                                           Creates a variable with given starting value. Type is determined dynamically. stringVar = prompt("message")           Sends message to user in a dialog box, retrieves text input from user  and stores it in stringVar. stringVar.length                         Returns the length (in characters) of stringVar. stringVar.toUpperCase(), stringVar.toLowerCase()    ... read more
28/09/2013 Categories: JavaScript Tools

CSS Text 

Notes from "CSS Text" Eric A. Meyer
Indenting element text-indentValues:<length> | <percentage> | inherit you can indent the first line of any block-level element by a given length —but mostly is used to intend the first line of paragraph (you can use px, em or % - % refers to the parent element or even give length negative value) text-indent is inherited !important in case of using % - computed values and not declared values are inherited   text-alignCSS 2.1... read more
14/09/2013 Categories: CSS

CSS Fonts 

Notes from "CSS.Fonts" Eric A.Meyer
Probably not everybody knows that Times is not a font it's a font family - a combination of many variants called font faces (TimesRegular, TimesBold, TimesItalic, TimesBoldItalic,etc)   Generic Font FamiliesSerif fontsThese fonts are proportional (all characters in the font have different widths due to their various sizes) and have serifs - decorations. Sans-serif fontsThese fonts are proportional and do not have serifs. Monospace fontsAre not ... read more
07/09/2013 Categories: CSS Web Design

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts 

New shortcuts for Windows 8 and Windows RT
Since I am testing Windows 8 here are some new keyboard shortcuts that are working on Windows 8 and Windows RT right from the Microsoft site: Windows logo key‌ Windows logo key+start typing - Search your PC Ctrl+plus (+) or Ctrl+minus (-) - Zoom in or out of a large number of items, like apps pinned to the Start screen Ctrl+scroll wheel - Zoom in or out of a large number of items, like apps pinned to the Start screen Windows logo key‌... read more
01/09/2013 Categories: Users

Old school skype 

Old phone

25/08/2013 Categories: Funny

Why computers brake down 

Kittens inside a PC

18/08/2013 Categories: Funny
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